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Neo40 – Nitric Oxide Supplement
January 4, 2011, 2:52 pm
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GREAT new company out there called Neogenis Labs. They are the makers of Neo40 which is a Nitric Oxide supplement.

Neo40 Daily is a breakthrough formula based on seven years of
scientific research conducted by Neogenis Chief Science Officer
Dr. Nathan Bryan, the definitive expert in the therapeutic uses of
Nitric Oxide and the leading professor of molecular medicine at the
University of Texas. Neo40 Daily helps your body naturally increase
Nitric Oxide levels, thus helping improve circulation, supporting the
cardiovascular system and improving performance in adults over the
age of 40.* In pre-clinical and initial clinical trials, Neo40 Daily has
been shown to reduce important cardiovascular risk factors, such as
inflammation, triglycerides – even C-reactive protein levels – one of
the most reliable markers for stroke and heart attacks. Neo40 Daily
helps raise levels of Nitric Oxide, which is the molecule naturally
produced in our bodies that helps maintain cardiovascular health and
improves circulation. It’s produced in the lining of your arteries and literally “tells” the surrounding muscles to relax,
causing dilation and increased blood flow. This is good news for practically every system in your body. Read more or order some for yourself at:
For Neo40

Use the Customer Code: PN00006 and get free shipping on your order.

There is a current trial pack promotion of 12 lozenges for $24.95.

Neogenis suggest dosages of one per day or one two times per day. The website discusses dosages, give you Clinical Trial results and give you various articles and research on Nitric Oxide. Check it our

I have personally benefited from the product in my endurance running in finding a considerably higher level of energy during a half marathon and ZERO soreness the following day! LOVED IT!
See also the article in Natural Awakenings Magazine on Page 6 of the January issue. Find it online at:

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I just came across your blog about Neo40. I am very interested in using the supplement with my workouts to try and build muscle.
Do you think this supplement could be uselful for that purpose?

Comment by Michelle

My experience with Neo40 is that it gives me more endurance in my running and I did take 20 minutes off of my time in the 2010 San Antonio 1/2 marathon in comparison to 2009. Some of that was due to a bit better conditioning prior to, but I attribute much of my improvement to Neo40 and directly give credit to Neo40 for my total lack of sore muscles and joints the following day and days. So I do believe that the boost in nitric oxide levels can boost your weight training performances as well. The reason I thought to try Neo40 for my running enhancement is that one of the research doctors with Neogenis who I believe is in his 80’s was using the Neo40 and he an his trainer noticed a significant increase in his weight lifting abilities….bottom line is I think it could be useful to you. Be sure to get a tube of the test strips to see where your nitric oxide levels are….then use the supplement. I saliva test randomly every couple weeks these days just out of curiosity.

Comment by akissofglass

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